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I Love Everything About My Job


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I love playing multiple roles as I am well gifted to deliver as your escort, companion, your stripper dancer and your massage girl – giving you the best of Las Vegas nuru massage, naked massage and sexy massage. I actually learn a lot of my massage skill when I visited the Houston escorts in Texas. Suprsingly those girls taught me a lot. You need to come and hook up with me today and let us save time for the pleasures I have in stock for you. You have to come and dine and parley with me for the wildest adventurous relationship you can imagine. Whether you want to see the cinema to watch a movie, go for a romantic dinner or attend a corporate meeting, there is no one better suited to be your date than me. I simply know how to balance being classy and being sensually/erotically naughty and flirty. I am able to do all that I know how to do best because I love and value this job as an escort.

Hello gentlemen my name is Isabella and I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas. I have absolutely loved every minute of my job and I take great pride in making sure that I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas. There are so many lovely things I would love to tell you, but I can assure you that I am one of the most genuine escorts that you will ever meet. I love to do so many different things in Las Vegas and I also love to show off this terrific city. Even if you have already been to Las Vegas several times, I am sure there is something that I can show you that you may not have ever seen before. The sky is the limit when you go on a date with me, and I am sure you are going to be happily satisfied when we are all done. The great thing about me is that I am so drama free and I just love to love life, and it is really apparent when we are together. I don’t want you to ever feel any pressure about anything or if there is something you would like to talk to me about, then I would love to listen.

Going on a date with me can be a terrific experience. If you have ideas or places that you would love to visit, then we can make that part of the game plan. If there is something that you would like to do that might be slightly different, such as explore a fetish or maybe even go to one of the many unique stores for fetishes in Las Vegas, then we can also do that. The main goal for me is I want you to know and feel comfortable with me so that when it gets time to have some fun with your fetish or whatever fantasy you would love to explore, that you know I am on your side. It can be completely liberating to know that there is a companion out there that is just as sincere as you are. Escorts in Las Vegas are always excellent at accommodating pretty much anything, but I like to get to know the person and understand where they are coming from when it comes to fetishes and fantasies. I feel it makes us come together as one so that we are able to have fun together on a totally different level. It also can make the situation not seem so serious and we are able to have a wonderful time together.

A night together on the town can also be a great deal of fun. Whether or not you have ever been to Las Vegas is okay with me, because we will be able to find something packed with lots of action to do. The casinos are always a wonderful way to spend some time together if you like to gamble or you enjoy playing the slot machines. There are also lots of bars and lounges inside of the different hotels, so if you are a fan of different cuisines or you would like to try out the book these that Las Vegas is famous for then we can do that. Or, if you are hoping to find more of a hole in the wall type of bar or lounge, then we can most definitely check into that too. I think you are going to enjoy spending time with me and you are going to like being able to have some companionship that is kind, genuine, and I also have a very positive vibe. No matter what we will be able to get to know each other better and enjoy the sights of Las Vegas.

Another way that I enjoy spending time with any of my dates is quiet and relaxing. There is nothing wrong with avoiding all of the people in Las Vegas and just keeping to ourselves. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve and as one of the best Las Vegas escorts I am sure I will keep your attention. I like to dance and I also am amazing with my hands, so if you are tired or you might be sore from business all day, then I am able to help you out in that department. This type of date can be extremely erotic and it also is a great way to share different fantasies or maybe even experiences that you have had in the past. I enjoy these types of dates, because they are so much more relaxing and enjoyable. However, of course it is always up to you what kind of date you would like during our time spent together. No matter what you will have fun and of course I will always let you pick out the color and type of lingerie you would like to see my toned body wear. Escorts in Las Vegas always take great care of their bodies, so that is always an added bonus to all of the fun and pleasure you are going to experience.

The main thing about me that you are going to enjoy is the fact that I am a very nice companion. Las Vegas escorts are all really nice girls that like to have fun, but I am on a different level. You will be able to see that I am intelligent and I also am a good person just by the way I speak to you. I also am very open-minded and I don’t judge on any level, so that is always a wonderful thing when you are looking for a potential date in Las Vegas. Escorts are definitely the way to go if you are looking for some fun, but you need the discretion. We are women that take great pride in our work and we also love to enjoy people and companionship. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my dates and I have made some amazing friends over time. I can’t wait to meet you and I hope that you are excited about this entire experience. I think you are really going to like what you see and you are going to become one of my new friends. Call me know 702-938-3577.